Alexander Del Rossa Robe Review

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When you think about the perfect robe, do you envision a soft, fluffy garment that generates comfort as soon as you put it on? There are dozens of styles of robes that you may check out today, but many of them will not deliver the total experience that you crave.

Many women want to slide into their robe immediately after a shower or a long, relaxing bath. If you can relate to this, your next robe should be absorbent. While materials like velour, silk and polyester are common robe materials, these do not provide the absorbency that you need.

This is only one of several factors that you need to pay attention to while selecting your robe. Everything from colors and sizes available to durability and cleaning instructions should be taken into account. As you continue your research, a closer look at the Alexander Del Rossa robe is the perfect next step.

Alexander Del Rossa Robe Review

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If you are looking for a thick, warm robe that you can slip into right after a shower, the Alexander Del Rossa robe could be the perfect option for you. This is one of the thicker robes on the market today, so it will undoubtedly keep you warm as you are drying off on chilly days. Is this terry cloth robe the garment that you have been searching for?

Who Is This Robe For?

The Alexander Del Rossa terry cloth robe is offered in an extensive range of smaller and larger sizes, so you can likely find one that is a perfect fit for your frame. The material is thick and absorbent, so this is a robe that is ideal for women who want to be comfortable while drying off after a shower or a bath.

What’s Included?

This robe has long sleeves, and it falls to the middle of the calf for the average woman. The design includes cuffed sleeves, two pockets in the front, a separate belt, and a hood.


Terry cloth is a material that comes from the cotton plant. It is as soft as cotton is, but it is much more absorbent than regular cotton. With this in mind, the Alexander Del Rossa robe is 100 percent cotton with the absorbency of terry cloth material.

Colors Available

This robe is only available in solid colors. The specific colors available vary based on the size of the robe and the inclusion or exclusion of a hood. Some of the possibilities include navy blue, chocolate, white, black and burgundy.


This popular robe has been purchased by many women who love to wear it regularly. While most reviews are overwhelmingly positive, a few people have stated that the seams began to unravel after a few machine washes.

Ease of Use

The large size and loose sleeves of the Alexander Del Rossa terry cloth robe make it easy to put on even when you are soaking wet from a bath or shower. The loose belt runs through large loops, so it stays attached to the robe for easy access. Likewise, the hood is large and loose, so it can quickly be tossed on your head when you need extra warmth.


Because this is a terry cloth robe, it may most commonly be used to dry off and to stay warm after a bath or a shower. Its thickness makes it impractical to lounge around the house in on warmer days of the year. However, it could be comfortable and warm to wear while watching TV or reading a book in the winter.


This is your typical terry cloth robe with a few extras. For example, the hood and pockets give it an extra touch of functionality and convenience that other similar robes may not have. This robe also has a long length, so it provides the average woman with almost full coverage from head to toe.

Care Tips

This robe from Alexander Del Rossa is designed to be washed in the machine. It should be thoroughly dried out between each use to prevent mildew from growing on it. This is particularly important if it is used to dry off after a bath or a shower.

What We Like

  • Thickness and warmth
  • Softness
  • Absorbency

What We Don’t Like

  • Not practical for lounging on warm days
  • More Expensive
  • Limited color options for each size


The brand also has shorter terry cloth robes, fleece robes, robes without hoods, zip-up robes and other styles. Sizes and colors vary considerable across the full line of robes.

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