Best Women’s Bathrobes of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Nothing quite says comfort like a bathrobe, is there? Whether climbing out of bed in the middle of winter or curled up on the couch with a book, it is an item of clothing we turn to again and again. It’s almost like wearing a hug—a familiar, warm, and comforting presence that, over time, almost becomes like a second skin!

Whether you are looking to buy a new bathrobe for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, this is a time-honored and highly popular present. A bathrobe can provide years of comfort, so it makes sense to buy only the best.

In this article, we will help you achieve just that by taking an in-depth look into five of the best women’s bathrobes currently on the market today. Check them out now!

Best Women’s Bathrobe Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Turkuoise Women’s Turkish Cotton Hooded Robe, Terry Hooded Bathrobe
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Just Love Kimono Robe Bath Robes for Women 6311-Navy-L
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Cashmere Boutique: 100% Pure Cashmere Robe for Women (15 Colors, 2 Sizes) Made in Nepal
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BY LORA Hoooded Robe for Girls Boys Petites, Terry Bathrobe Robe, Shower Robe, Lavender, Size Large
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Women’s Short Satin Kimono Robe Sleepwear Silk Bathrobe Floral Peacock Robe for Bridal Bridesmaids Wedding Party Dressing Gown Black M

1. Turkuoise Women’s Turkish Cotton Robe

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We’ll kick off the list with this beautiful range of Turkish cotton bathrobes made by Turkuoise. Originated from Turkey, this brand is proud to offer high quality at an affordable price. Could this be the best bathrobe for you?


As you may or may not know, Turkey is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality textiles including clothing. Not only that, but these high-quality items are often sold for a process that represents phenomenal value, which is certainly the case here.

This bathrobe is of a kimono style with ¾ length sleeves. It is manufactured from a very soft and comfortable cotton and polyester blend. It is chemical-free, and only natural dyes have been used in the manufacturing of these bathrobes. This makes for a bathrobe that is comfortable to wear and also kind to the skin.

It is very nice to see that the product is available in no less than 15 different colors. No matter your preference, you will find a color that suits you. The robes also boast a solid coloring without patterns. Some will like this; some won’t. However, it can’t be denied that, in tandem with the kimono style cut, this is a very refined-looking design of robe.

It may prove to be a little too thin to really help keep you warm in colder weathers, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a winter robe! It’s also a small shame that the sizing only runs to two sizes. This may make it harder for some people to find a good fit.


  • Comes in a wide range of color options
  • Crafted from a lightweight cotton blend
  • Environment-friendly
  • Absorbs water and moisture well
  • Has two front pockets
  • Machine-washable


  • Not suitable for cold weather
  • Only available in two sizes

2. Just Love Kimono Robe for Women

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Next up, we have this beautiful collection of bathrobes from Just Love. When you take a close look at these robes, it is easy to see that the company has clearly put a premium tag on comfort, while also working to deliver good value. If you are looking for a robe to step into on a cold winters morning, this could be the one for you!


Standing very much in contrast to the first robe we looked at, this plush robe is all about comfort! The robe is thick, warm, and incredibly soft, boasting a velour construction that really does feel like wearing a warm cloud.

It’s not just soft and fluffy, though; it also boasts a very well thought out design. The robe is, for example, extra-sized to provide a full wrap-around effect. This is combined with full-length sleeves and a long and effective cord that makes it easy to wrap yourself up in this robe.

The robe is available in 10 colors, though they are mostly pastel-based colors, which may not appeal to everyone. There is also a really wide range of sizing options available. We have seen reports that the sizing can be a little off though, so you may need to second guess yourself at checkout and go for a size bigger than you assume you need.

All in all, this really is a very well-made, very comfortable bathrobe that comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Made using ultra-soft velour
  • Highly attractive scalloped design
  • Available in petite to plus-size sizes
  • Comes in pretty colors
  • Remains in perfect condition even after washes
  • Designed with two pockets


  • Sizing can be a hit or a miss
  • Not really absorbent

3. Parisbonbon Women’s Cashmere Bathrobe

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Haven’t found the bathrobe for you yet? Perhaps, this third option is the one for you. Here, we have a very, very high-quality bathrobe from Parisbonbon. While it boasts top-quality all-cashmere construction, it is also carrying a truly premium price tag. Is it worth the investment?


We need to start with this part of the review, as this really is the key feature. Do you see above how we described this as an investment? Well, we weren’t joking around! This is a high-quality robe, which will be made very clear to you as we get onto it shortly, but it is packing a whopping price tag!

What do you get for that cash investment? Well, first of all, you get to enjoy a 100% cashmere bathrobe. That is just a phenomenal level of softness and comfort that you are simply not going to find on many other products.

Not only is it incredibly soft, but it also boasts a Double Ply construction for added warmth. The design itself is long for optimum coverage. While it is indeed plain-colored, this simplicity actually lends the product a real sense of elegance.

There is also a huge range of colors and sizes that you can choose from, and we are not joking around when we say that. Over 40 color options are available, and each robe color also comes in no less than 18 different sizes.

If you can justify the expense, then you really are picking an exceptional bathrobe here.


  • Made from incredibly high-quality cashmere
  • Huge range of colors
  • Huge range of colorsPerfect robe for fall and winter
  • Very comfortable and soft to the touch


  • Very, very expensive
  • Sizing runs small
  • Has to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned

4. byLora Kids Terry Bathrobe

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Four our fourth option, we have a bathrobe that is designed for the kids. After all, why should the adults get all the comfort of a top-quality bathrobe, right? But then again, just because it’s for a kid doesn’t that mean you should underestimate this very nice bathrobe design.


As any parent will tell you, when buying clothes for kids, they had better be tough. Thankfully, that is not something you need to worry about with this bathrobe from byLora. The fact that it is made of 100% cotton means that it is already very tough. Now, combine that with double stitching, and you get yourself added toughness.

On the other hand, just because it needs to be tough for kids doesn’t mean that it can’t be soft and comfortable too. As you may already know, in addition to being tough, cotton is also extremely soft. These robes also boast a very soft 400 Gsm premium-level Terry cloth liner.

The design is also fun, with a great hood that kids will surely love (and will keep little heads warm after baths). There are two useful front pockets, (because let’s face it, kids love pockets) and the design is truly unisex with nine colors available.

Hey, it may only be sized for kids (or smaller adults who are lucky enough to fit in it), but this is still a really good-quality, well-designed, and expertly made bathrobe.


  • Crafted using 100% all-natural cotton
  • Double stitching for maximum durability
  • Thick, warm, and perfect for after-baths
  • Unisex style with pockets
  • Machine-washable
  • Does not shrink even after many washes


  • Will only fit kids to petite adults
  • Very heavy fabric

5. Litherday Women’s Robe

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We’ll finish off our review with this bathrobe from Litherday. It is a made of thinner, more breathable material than any other robe we looked at for our list today. Given that, we can’t help but ask: who is it designed for, and what would be the ideal situation to wear it?


One of the big stand-out features of this product has to be the premium blend of materials that have been used in its construction. A polyester and cotton mix is supplemented with a 5% spandex addition, which makes for a bathrobe that is lightweight, extremely breathable, and very comfortable.

However, this is not just a bathrobe that looks great, but it is also a design with a number of highly attractive aesthetic flourishes. The V-neck design, for example, gives the robe a sophisticated, elegant look. That is backed with an attractive but understated solid color body with intricate lace detail.

It’s also nice to see that this robe is available across five different sizes and 12 different colors. Therefore, no matter the size you need or color you prefer, you should be able to find a robe that’s just right for you.

As we mentioned above, this is a thinner style of bathrobe, so do bear that in mind. If you are looking for a robe to help fight off the winter chill, then this may not be suitable for that purpose.

If, however, you are looking for a robe to wear in warmer settings or a robe that is lighter and more breathable than a traditional heavy robe, then this could be a very interesting product.


  • Lightweight, soft, and breathable material
  • 5% Spandex for a stretchy fit
  • Really, really stylish
  • Elegant cut that hugs the silhouette
  • Looks and feels comfortable to wear


  • Not very warm
  • Quite too thin

Final Verdict

Picking out the best women’s bathrobe from this list really was a challenge. Or, in truth, we made it a challenge. It would have been very easy to simply go for the incredible premium feel that the Parisbonbon 100% cashmere robe offers, but as great as we thought that robe was, it’s just too much of an easy answer.

Plus, there is the fact that, frankly, many people will simply not want to drop that level of cash on a bathrobe.

To that end, we have plumped for the robe that offered a similar high level of softness and comfort but for a far more reasonable price—the Just Love Kimono Robe for Women. We loved the range of sizes and colors it comes in, as well as the comfortable feel it offers. However, and most important of all, we really loved that it comes with a very reasonable price tag.

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