Cashmere Bathrobes

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Our current health situation still leads most people to stay at home, with the work-from-home set up still in demand. To alleviate the stress and pressure of working from home, many people pamper themselves by wearing comfortable clothes.

One of the most popular loungewear outfits is the classic robe, available in dark and light colors. You can also find a multicolored robe and a graphic robe. However, it’s hard to find the comfiest fabrics and the dreamiest robe from the many options in the market.

Be extravagant and invest in a cashmere bathrobe if you want to lounge in luxury. Splurge and buy one from the six top-rated robes you can find.

Choosing your bathrobe style depends on several factors. For some, the climate plays a significant role in their decision; others follow their preference.

Comparison Chart

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Classic Turkish Towels – Terry Cloth White Robes for Men and Women – Ultra Soft and Comfy Bathrobes
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Cashmere Boutique: 100% Pure Cashmere Robe for Women (Color: Black, Size: Large/Extra Large)
White + Warren Women’s Luxe Cashmere Robe, Grey Heather, Medium


As mentioned, classic bathrobes are still the most popular style today, with belts on robe coats that you can tie at the waist, a shawl collar, and two deep pockets in front.

A classic style bathrobe may come in various lengths. Some prefer a knee-length robe to longer styles, while others like the shorter version like the women’s short robe from Classic Turkish Towels.

Terry Cloth White Robes for Men and Women

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The hooded bathrobes usually come with roomy hoods for keeping the neck and head warmer. It also adds to the coziness of being wrapped with the robe’s softness.


The kimono robe design got its inspiration from the traditional Japanese outfit. Kimono-style bathrobes have longer sleeves and relaxed collars for added comfort.

This design is more common in silk and satin dressing gowns, while cotton kimono robes are usually found in spas.

The Robe Fabrics

When buying a robe for the first time, don’t just look for the ones with the lowest prices. It would be best to consider other factors affecting your overall comfort and experience.

If you want a heavier robe, look for cotton or cashmere and silk styles for a lightweight feel. Also, if you intend to give the robe as a gift, it’s best to know the store’s return policy where you will buy it from.

Cashmere Robes

Cashmere is a form of wool with more delicate fibers, giving it its softness and luxurious texture. This high-end fiber is expensive because of how it is processed.

The particular animal furs from goats are collected once the molting season starts. All the gathered fibers are processed by separating them by hand.

It’s a popular fiber known for its insulating properties and soft texture. Often, cashmere is mixed with other wool fabrics for added weight and strength.

Cashmere is a premium fabric with an expensive price tag. It offers a luxurious feel without the heaviness found in other materials.

Its delicate fibers are lightweight and well-insulated with a soft and silk-like texture that feels smooth on your skin. Remember that luxurious cashmere bathrobes require special cleaning care like this black cashmere robe for women from Cashmere Boutique.

100% Pure Cashmere Robe for Women

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Chenille robes use pure polyester providing superb insulation like cashmere. Premium quality varieties are soft and light to the touch, unlike the low-grade ones.

Cotton Terry

Two of the usual fabric choices for terry cloth robes are Egyptian and Turkish cotton for their excellent water absorption qualities. Thus, they’re a popular go-to post-shower robe.

Cotton Velour

Velour fabric is soft and thick that feels like velvet on your skin. Fuzzy robes made of this material offer excellent insulation, especially during winter.

Cotton Waffle

You can easily distinguish a cotton waffle robe through its diamond or square-checked patterns. This classic hotel robe is affordable and made from 100% cotton material.


The flannel fabric came from wool mixed with cotton, providing the warmth you need on chilly nights. The classic robe silhouettes of a flannel robe look even more delightful with their colorful designs.


One of the dreamiest robes to wear is made from fleece fabric. Its smooth texture and insulating properties come from polyester.

Cashmere Bathrobes for Women

Women love to dress up, but since most of the population stays at home, there is no chance of wearing anything fancy. Even so, it doesn’t mean that you have to look drab. Adding a cashmere robe to your wardrobe is an excellent way of upgrading your look even at home.

Cashmere bathrobes for women come in different styles, but the classic design with a big patch pocket and a self-tie sash is still a popular option. This women’s luxe cashmere gray robe from White + Warren is a perfect example of a classic design with a shawl collar.

White + Warren Women’s Luxe Cashmere Robe

Some women prefer oversize robes that make them feel covered in a soft and warm blanket. You will find a collection of cashmere bathrobes from different online stores in varying designs and prices.

How to Clean Cashmere Robes

Cashmere is a delightful robe but needs high maintenance if you want to keep its excellent look and texture. So if you have a favorite bathrobe, here are some tips on how to clean it at home without spending too much money on dry cleaning.

Hand Washing Cashmere Bathrobe

Hand washing your cashmere bathrobe is the most effective and gentlest way to clean it. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Fill a basin, sink, or tub with cold water and add a substantial amount of cashmere washing agent or mild detergent.
  2. Submerge your cashmere robe in the water, stir the water and soap mixture with your hand, and soak the bathrobe for 15 minutes.
  3. Drain the soapy soaking solution and refill it with fresh, cold water.
  4. Gently swish the luxurious robe in clean water to remove any soap residue.
  5. Drain the water and gently ball the robe to remove excess water without squeezing hard.
  6. Lay it down on a table between towels away from direct sunlight and let it air dry completely.
  7. You can lounge in luxury again once your cashmere robe is dry.

The Cashmere Robe Can Become Your Favorite for Loungewear!

Investing in cashmere bathrobes is worth all the money you will spend on it. There’s a scarce supply of this material; hence, the high price tag.

To make one lightweight robe, one would need the molted wool from at least five goats. That is why most manufacturers blend it with other wool materials. Nevertheless, you will still feel the soft and luxurious texture of a cashmere fabric on your skin.

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