How to Do Bathrobe Curls: Achieving Perfectly Curled Hair Without the Heat

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We all have been there where you curl your hair for hours and hours, only for them to fall apart within a few hours. Not to mention the heat damage your hair sustains, leading to you needing to have regular, expensive hair care maintenance.

What if we tell you that there is an easier, more convenient, and heat-free way of getting the perfect curls by using nothing more than a bathrobe belt? Sounds surprising?

We were also skeptical of the method on how to do bathrobe curls until we actually tried it and got perfect heatless curls that lasted throughout the day. If your interest is peaked by now and you want to learn more about the techniques of curling your hair without the hassle of using curling irons or heat curlers, then stick by.

We will introduce you to our tried-and-tested method to get perfect bathrobe curls. We also provide answers to questions you might have regarding the technique.

How to Do Bathrobe Curls: A Step-by-Step Guide

With curling irons providing continuous heat damage to the hair, it is about time people look for alternatives and get more creative with finding new ways to get heatless curls. In fact, the heatless curls technique is not new.

It just hasn’t been as popular as it was before in the last few years but is now becoming a trend. Witnessing the viral TikTok trend of curling your hair using a bathrobe tie might look bizarre.

However, the results are guaranteed to ensure you salon-worthy hair with stunning, long-lasting curls.

Here are the steps you need to take to create perfect hair curls using your bathrobe belt:

1. Dampen Your Hair

Do not perform this technique on dry hair to ensure your curls come out perfect and last the whole day. Likewise, do not tie your hair with a bathrobe when it is soaking wet.

Damp hair is perfect as it allows the curves to lock in their position to last long.

You can either get damp hair using a spray bottle or perform the technique after showering once your hair is about 75% dry. You can also apply some hair oil to damp hair to make it extra smooth.

2. Position Your Robe Belt

When using a robe belt to tie your hair, make sure you use an original one. Using an appropriate form of material for robe ties, like a satin robe or cotton robe, is important to prevent any hair damage caused by frizz or friction.

If you do not have the desired type of bathrobe belt available, there are numerous retail platforms where you can get bathrobe ties at cheaper rates.

Once you have the desired robe belt, part your hair from the center and secure the middle of the belt to the top of your head using hair clips or a bobby pin.

3. Wrap Your Hair Around the Robe Belt

Section your hair further by dividing the left and right half of your hair into two front and two back sections.

Grab a bunch of hairs from the front section and start twisting it in. Keep wrapping your hair in the robe belt by keeping the direction of your twist away from your hair.

Section-by-section, keep adding more hair around the belt till you have wrapped all sections of hair in the robe.

4. Secure Your Hair to the Belt

Once done wrapping your hair, secure it around the belt using hair ties or a scrunchie. Using a silk scrunchie is better to avoid any hair tie marks getting embedded in your curls.

To get the optimal results, leave your hair secured overnight. Remember, beauty takes time. Do not rush it.

5. Set Your Curls

Remove the hair ties, bathrobe belt, and hairpins from your head and unravel your hair. Gently comb through your hair using your fingers to break apart the hair sections.

And there you will have your perfect heatless curls. To add extra shine to your curls and ensure they last throughout the day, you can set them in place using a setting spray.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathrobe Curls

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to do bathrobe curls, let’s answer some common questions related to the technique.

1. How tight or loose do I need to tie my hair with the robe?

It depends on the type of curls that you wish to get. For example, if you want tight curls, it is important to tie your hair tightly around the robe.

The tighter your hair, the more twists it will form around the robe leading to tight curls in the morning.

If you want loose, breezy curls, you should tie your hair in a loose twist around the robe. However, be sure to twist your hair tight enough that it does not slip out of the belt.

2. How long does it take for the bathrobe belt curls to form?

You can have your bathrobe belt curls ready to wear as soon as your hair dries up. That said, it is better to leave your hair tied overnight or for eight hours max to get the optimum results.

3. How long do heatless bathrobe curls last?

The duration for the bathrobe curls to last is not fixed since everyone has their unique hair type. For some people, it can last for hours, whereas the curls may last for days for others.

As mentioned, though, you can always set the curls in their place using a setting spray.

4. Can robe curls damage my hair?

The big plus that comes with robe curls is that they don’t damage your hair. Compared to curling irons, using a bathrobe belt is a safer technique to curl your hair since it adds zero heat damage to your hair.

Successfully Curling Your Hair Using a Bathrobe Belt

We hope that through this guide, you have gathered enough information about how to do bathrobe curls, a convenient, heatless curling method.

So, what’s the wait? Grab your bathrobe belt, try out this curling technique yourself, and enjoy the results.

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