Microfiber Bathrobes

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Some people consider bathrobes a necessity, while others regard them as luxury. For most of us, it’s the perfect choice of loungewear for relaxation.

Since most people stay at home these days, wearing a cozy bathrobe, even while working, helps them feel comfortable. Though relatively new in the industry, microfiber robes are becoming a popular choice among individuals when looking for a luxurious robe.

Whether looking for a hotel or spa robe, the market abounds with different bathrobes styles and materials.

What Is Microfiber Fabric?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber material more delicate than silk. It is mainly made of different polyesters split multiple times, becoming thinner than a human hair.

Choosing the correct synthetic fiber combinations depends on what kind of product a manufacturer intends to manufacture.

The apparel industry loves to use microfiber due to its numerous characteristics. First, it can wick moisture away from the user’s body. Second, it’s elastic and stain-resistant, capable of holding a shape well; thus, making it an ideal undergarment material.

Types of Bathrobes

Bathrobes come in varying types and styles using different fabrics, depending on their intended use and purpose. Some choose terry cloth robes after showering; others want a lightweight and waffle bathrobe after dipping in a swimming pool.

Let’s look at the different types of bathrobes and what suitable material is perfect for a particular scenario.

Comparison Chart

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Men’s Terry Cloth Robe by BOCA TERRY, Luxury Bath Robe, Plush Cotton Spa Robes, White 2X (XXL)
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NY Threads Mens Hooded Robe – Plush Long Bathrobes for Men (Grey, Large/X-Large)
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Peony Floral Silk Kimono Robe Bride Bridal Bridesmaid Robes Dressing Gown Housecoat Bathrobe for Women (Pink, Large-X-Large)
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Turkish Linen Waffle Knit Lightweight Kimono Spa & Bath Robes for Women – Quick Dry – Soft (White, Large)
41094IcsBQL. SL160
EVERDREAM Mens Flannel Robe, Shawl Collar Lightweight 100% Cotton Bathrobe, Size XX-Large/XXX-Large Red
31ZFylTi87L. SL160
Luxury Spa Robe – Microfiber with Cotton Terry Lining, White, Medium
31yKt4IjlGL. SL500
Kids Robe, Microfleece Soft Plush Bathrobe (Medium / 6-8 Years, Navy)
31 kWP 0BaL. SL500
Chakir Turkish Linens 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Turkish Kimono Bathrobe for Women (White, Medium)

Classic Bathrobes

The classic belted bathrobe is the usual type worn by most users. They come with a shawl collar, oversized pockets on each side, and a belt you can tie at the waist made of the same material.

Bamboo, cotton, poly-cotton, and terry cloth are the usual materials for cozy robes used after showering or in spas and saunas.

The Boca Terry Men’s Terry Cloth Robe is an excellent example of a classic style with its shaved terry cloth exterior with plush velour texture. This terry velour robe has a durable full-length design that provides the perfect fit and comfort for big and tall men with its soft and absorbent material.

Boca Terry Men’s Terry Cloth Robe

21zv+jhfkfL. SL500

Hooded Bathrobes

If you are looking for a warm and cozy style, the hooded and fluffy robe is an excellent choice to protect your head and neck from the cold. Although the hooded design is primarily found in children’s bathrobes, adults also prefer this design after coming out of the jacuzzi.

The NY Threads Men’s Hooded Cozy Fleece Robe is a best seller in this category. Its soft and plush texture offers excellent comfort as you relax after a tiring day.

NY Threads Men’s Hooded Cozy Fleece Robe

31E8j8Ot4bL. SL500

Kimono Bathrobes

Kimono bathrobes have no shawl collar and are comfortable to wear. Thus, men and women prefer to wear this style as a dressing gown or a cozy spa robe.

Depending on your preferred style, you can choose a self-fabric or loop belt design. Some may come with a hood and front pockets, too.

Additionally, kimono bathrobes are available in various lengths. Some fall just above the knee or around the shank; others are even longer.

Satin and silk robes give you the luxurious touch of a soft, high-end luxe robe that feels smooth on your skin, like the Peony Flora Kimono Silk Robe.

Peony Flora Kimono Silk Robe

51FFD+Oyf5L. SL500

Robe Fabric Types

There are extensive options for robes using different fabrics, including cashmere, cotton waffle or velour, microfiber, plush, satin, silk, and terry cloth. Let us check each robe material and see why three is more soft, high-end robe than low-cost, high-quality robes.

Cotton Waffle Robes

This material type with waffle and diamond patterns creates a thin and lightweight robe than those made with terry cotton. However, its water absorption qualities are similar to normal bathrobes made of terry cloth fabric.

The long kimono waffle robe from Turkish Linen is the perfect choice for people who love to spend time in poolsides, saunas, and spas.

Turkish Linen Waffle Knit Lightweight Kimono

31qnUXBLDSL. SL500

Cotton Velour Robes

A cotton velour fabric has a high water absorbency that looks classy and stylish. It’s a soft, high-end robe with a velvety texture suited for those with sensitive skin. This thick and soft robe is the ideal loungewear for snuggling during cold winter nights.

Flannel Robes

Flannel is an excellent robe fabric to keep you warm made from blended wool and cotton materials. Some think it’s an old-fashioned textile, but its soft texture makes it comfortable on the skin.

Flannel robes usually come in classic designs with shawl collars like the lightweight men’s robe from Everdream.

EVERDREAM Mens Flannel Robe

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Microfiber Robes

One benefit of microfiber robes is their lightness and breathability. Manufacturing these thin fibers create a luxury bathrobe similar to the elegant microfiber robe from Plush Necessities.

Plush Necessities Luxury Spa Robe

31ZFylTi87L. SL500

Combining microfiber material for bathrobes using different manufacturing techniques provides an enhanced softness comparable to satin and silk robes. Although a microfiber robe is pricier compared to conventional bathrobes, they are excellently smooth and highly absorbent.

Plush Micro-Fleece Robes

The soft and gentle texture of the plush fabric is perfect for children like this kid’s warm microfleece bathrobe from Soft Touch Linen. The thick structure of a micro-fleece plush fabric ensures that you stay warm while wearing it, perfect for comfortable lounging. Its soft and fluffy texture, along with its absorbent structure, makes it perfect for those with skin sensitivities.

Soft Touch Linen Kids Plush Bathrobe

31yKt4IjlGL. SL500

Satin and Silk Robes

The soft and smooth feel of satin and silk on your skin makes them the perfect loungewear. It’s an excellent robe choice for a romantic getaway or beach holiday.

Although they are not as absorbent and durable as cotton fabric, they are fluid and light, making them ideal for wearing while relaxing.

Terry Cloth Robes

One of the common robe fabric types with excellent water absorbency is terry cloth—experience wearing a fluffy robe with an ultra-cozy Turkish cotton bathrobe like the one from Chakir Turkish Linens.

Chakir Turkish Linens 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Bathrobe

31 kWP 0BaL. SL500

Enjoy a luxurious robe experience with the soft cotton terry fabric available in various weights and thread counts. A soft, high-end robe with an increased thread count offers superb water absorption qualities. It’s a thick and heavy fabric typically found in shower robes.

The Fluffy and Soft Bathrobe That’s Perfect for You

Microfiber robes are becoming a popular choice among spas and hotels because of their soft and luxurious feel. Its high water absorbency helps it resist mold and mildew while keeping you soft and warm during cold nights. If you are looking for warm and comfortable loungewear, you will never go wrong with microfiber robes.

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