Plush Bathrobes

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A plush bathrobe is one of the most comfortable types of wardrobe you’ll ever wear. You can have your essential oils and massage stones, but wrapping yourself after in a nice, warmest bathrobe can make your relaxation time better.

Plush robes are also among the most practical choices for bathrobes. They have excellent absorbency and are resilient enough to last a long time. Let’s explore the different types of plush bathrobes and their properties.

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    Plush Bathrobe Types

    These bathrobes are available in several lengths: full, knee, and thigh-length. You’ll also find standard, hooded, and kimono styles. Nonetheless, the most common types of this cloth robe based on the material used are as follows:

    1. Microfiber

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    Microfiber bathrobes are relatively new yet considered one of the most popular varieties of bathrobes today. While many use them at home, these lightweight robes are commonly used at spas, hotels, and other relaxation establishments.

    Bathrobes made from microfiber have various advantages besides their plush, silky feel. They can absorb a lot of moisture and water, so many wear them while sitting near a pool or beach.

    Apart from being an absorbent material, microfiber is also exceptionally resistant to mildew and other types of fungus. This feature makes these comfy robes suitable for people with allergies.

    Furthermore, their general appearance and feel are impressive despite the affordable price. If you’re looking for some stylish women’s and men’s microfiber robes, below are some recommendations.



    2. Cotton Terry

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    The cotton Terry robe is recognized for their towel-like texture. It’s often composed of layers of cotton, which act as a sponge to remove moisture from your skin.

    While they are often utilized for drying off after a lengthy shower, cotton terry robes can provide comfort as a regular outfit at home. Many use them while hanging around by the pool or supplemental clothing during cold weather. However, if a Terry robe absorbs too much water, it can become slightly heavy.

    Overall, a cotton terry cloth bathrobe is an excellent option for a plush robe because it delivers the essential qualities you need after a relaxing shower.

    Here are a couple of bathrobes that are made from cotton terry.



    3. Cotton Waffle

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    Waffle-woven cotton robes are frequently seen as complementary clothing for guests at spas and hotels. They’re relatively affordable and commonly purchased in large quantities.

    An all-cotton robe has excellent ventilation since it lets air pass through the cloth with ease, allowing moisture to evaporate quickly. This quality is essential for the user when they spend time near the water.

    The fabric’s ability to dry fast makes cotton waffle robes ready for use again in a short time. Also, since the material delivers top-notch breathability, wearing it during summer or in places with warmer climates is highly advised.

    They are also one of the best examples of an effective absorbent robe, so spas always have cotton waffle bathrobes for guest use. These bathrobes are capable of absorbing massage oils and lotions applied to guests. That’s why many consider them a cozy bathrobe because they enhance the relaxation provided by the establishment.

    Listed below are a few cotton waffle bathrobes.



    4. Fleece

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    Fleece is primarily made from polyester, which is a good material for making bathrobes due to its smoothness and softness. They share some similar characteristics to the classic wool fabric.

    Unlike other plush robes, fleece is slightly lighter and less expensive, so you may be able to find the coziest robe at a budget-friendly price. Some manufacturers also utilize recycled PET containers to produce the fabric, making patronizing fleece bathrobes a nod to preserving our environment.

    While fleece bathrobes are machine washable, damages can still occur if not washed and stored properly. Also, fleece robes are not recommended for outdoor use or during the summer because they aren’t extremely absorbent. On the other hand, they’ll work well as winter robes.

    Here are a couple of fleece robes if you’re looking for some.



    5. Velour

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    Velour is a velvet-like material, but it’s a pile knit fabric that is easier to produce than velvet. It also has less luxurious appeal but is more durable, preserving numerous desirable characteristics, such as softness, smoothness, and thickness.

    The disadvantage of velour robes is they are thicker and more expensive than other plush bathrobes. They are, nevertheless, considered the warmest robe.

    Consider owning a velour bathrobe if you’re living in a cold area, and here is a couple of cold weather robes made from this material:

    6. Cashmere

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    Cashmere is one of the most expensive and softest types of wool. Its premium price is due to the manual labor required for harvesting molted coats of cashmere goats.

    Robes made from this material are definitively softer than other wool bathrobes. While they lack the water-absorption qualities of other robes, cashmere bathrobes are incredibly breathable and lightweight.

    With its premium price, proper cleaning and maintenance are critical unless you’re willing to blow away your money.

    Listed are some cashmere bathrobes you might find interesting.

    Having the Comfiest and Softest Robe for Your Needs

    Having a plush bathrobe provides ample cover, comfort, and style. Regardless of the type of robe you prefer, consider the range of sizes, prices, and purposes. This way, you’ll maximize the bathrobe’s features while minimizing its limitations.

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