What Is a Bathrobe Used For?

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Getting out of the shower on cold winter mornings can be hard. Languishing under the hot water for as long as possible has surely made more than one person late for work. Owning a bathrobe can make this whole experience easier to endure, but the duty of a bathrobe doesn’t end there as it can be useful for a lot more than keeping you warm and cozy after bathing.

So, other than post-bathing, what is a bathrobe used for? This article looks at some of the primary reasons that people choose to own bathrobes, as well as tips for choosing a good one to help make your future purchase easier.

Top Bathrobe Benefits

The answer to the question “What is a bathrobe used for?” will change from person to person as everybody has different lifestyles and needs. Here is our list of top reasons to own a bathrobe so that you can read through and decide for yourself whether owning a bathrobe could benefit you.

1. Keeping You Warm

Probably the main and most popular reason for owning a bathrobe is for the extra warmth it provides you.

  • After a shower or bath

After taking a hot shower or bath, you can be a little chillier than usual until your body readjusts to external temperatures. Wrapping a bathrobe around you over a towel can make the adjustment a little easier.

Perhaps you don’t want to get dressed straight away, leaving time for the moisturizer to soak in or just to relax for longer. A bathrobe is perfect for lounging around, in between bathing and getting dressed.

  • In the mornings

If life affords the opportunity to have a lazy Sunday morning, drinking coffee and reading the paper, then a bathrobe over your usual nightwear helps to keep you warm before getting dressed for the day. They can be super comfy and cozy; in fact, some days you may never want to change out of it!

  • Before bed

If you like to get ready for bed and then sit down to relax and maybe watch a movie, then your bathrobe can be that extra layer that keeps the cold out. Unlike a blanket, you can wear it easily to fetch hot chocolate from the kitchen and for bathroom visits.

2. Protecting Your Modesty

Depending on what you wear to bed (if anything at all), a bathrobe is perfect for covering up when you are walking around the house before you are dressed. Bathrobes also come in varying materials and weights, so people often have one for colder, winter weather, and another lightweight robe for warmer, sunnier days.

  • In front of older children

At a certain age, children will inevitably start to complain about accidentally seeing you in your nightgown or boxers, whether you’re popping out of your room to use the bathroom or to just grab a drink of water from the kitchen.

  • When you have house guests

Similarly, if you have house guests over, a bathrobe is a quick and easy cover up if you need to use a central family bathroom, or for cooking everyone breakfast before you are appropriately dressed for the day. It’s also a really nice touch to have an extra bathrobe or two in your guest room so that your house guests can enjoy similar benefits.

  • Unexpected visitors

Unexpected visitors, whether they are unplanned visits from neighbors or delivery companies, they can be quickly accommodated by donning a bathrobe to keep your modesty intact.

3. Drying Off

Bathrobes come in many shapes and sizes as well as in different materials. You will find many options that are made of absorbent, towel-like material, eliminating the need for a separate towel (unless you like to wrap your hair up in one).

Not only is this great if you’re feeling lazy, but also fantastic for spa days, and if you’re at the beach or pool and not totally comfortable with walking around in your swimsuit.

Considerations When Buying a Bathrobe

Here are some of the vital things that you need to look at when buying a bathrobe:

  • Comfort: Check that all the seams and linings are soft and comfy
  • Thickness: Do you want a robe for warmth or modesty? Thinner bathrobes are available if you just want it to use as a cover-up, rather than keep you warm.
  • Size: Make sure that the sleeve and body lengths of the towel that you are buying are suitable for you.
  • Fastenings: Do you want zippers, buttons, or belts? A belt will be quicker and easier but will often leave the neck area exposed.
  • Hood: Some bathrobes come with hoods which are excellent for warmth and extra coziness.

Bathrobe Heaven

If you decide that you might benefit from owning a bathrobe, you won’t be alone and will not regret your purchase. After owning one bathrobe, you may soon find yourself with two or three hanging on the back of your bedroom door to suit different temperatures and needs!

Now you know the many benefits of what is a bathrobe used for, you’ll probably wonder how you ever got along without one.

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