Maxmoda Women’s Kimono Robe Review

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Are you eager to find a truly comfortable robe that is well-suited for your preferences and lifestyle? The right robe can enhance your quality of life through its comfort and functionality, but finding the robe that is a great fit for you can be easier said than done.

While some women want an absorbent robe that they plan to use only after bathing, you may have grander plans for your next robe. The right robe will inspire relaxation with its softness and overall comfort. It will be light enough to wear year-round and roomy enough for daily lounging.

You could pay a small fortune investing in the perfect robe, but this is thankfully unnecessary. After you get to know more about the Maxmoda Kimono robe, you could discover that this is the robe that you have been searching for.

Maxmoda Women’s Kimono Robe Review

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Are you searching for a lightweight robe that you can snuggle up in anytime of year? Do you want a warmer robe that is practical for the winter months? Do you want an absorbent robe that is perfect for drying off after a shower? Whether you are searching for one of these types of robes or you have other qualities in mind, you need to know how the Maxmoda Womens’ Kimono robe stacks up against other options.

Who Is This Robe For?

The Maxmoda cotton robe has a loose fit that is aligned with traditional kimono robes. Because it is available in sizes that range from small to triple-XL, it is an ideal option for all sizes of women. Its lighter weight makes it more practical for those who are shopping for a summer robe.

What’s Included?

This Maxmoda robe has a wraparound style with flowing sleeves. The belt has a drawstring-style closure.


Cotton is durable, soft and comfortable on the skin. This robe’s material is 95 percent cotton, so you can expect to enjoy all of the benefits of a cotton garment each time you slide into it.

Colors Available

While searching for a bathrobe, you understandably want to find a hue or print that is appealing to you. The Maxmoda Womens’ Kimono robe is available in beautiful solid hues like black, burgundy, light gray, purplish red, dark green, navy and others. It also is available in lovely prints, and some of these are butterflies, leaf, red polka dot, strawberries and more. With so many exciting colors and prints to choose from, it is easy to find a look that is perfectly appealing to you.


This is one of the more affordable robes on the market. While most of the women who have purchased and reviewed this robe love its quality and value, a handful of women have said that the robe’s seams have loosened after washing it. Hand-washing the robe may be a great way to maximize its life.

Ease of Use

This is a comfortable robe that you can slide right into and start enjoying without any hassle. Once you put your arms into it, the cinch-style belt keeps it secure while you move around the house.


Kimono robes are long, flowing robes that are traditionally made out of a lightweight material. They are often longer and have loose sleeves. This is a kimono-style robe with the traditional qualities of loose sleeves and flowing, comfortable fabric. However, the robe falls right below most women’s knees, and a true kimono robe reaches the feet. In this way, it is a modern variation of the kimono style.


Cotton is an absorbent material, but it is not as absorbent as a terrycloth material. Because of this, the Maxmoda cotton robe is most practical for lounging and for covering up. It is light enough to be comfortable in the summer. In the winter, it is not the warmest robe that you could wear. However, its lighter weight makes it practical to wear as a comfortable layer over your thick PJs.

Care Tips

The durability of the cotton material is a plus, and this makes the robe machine washable. However, because some women have reported that the seams do not hold up well in the washing machine, hand washing it may help you to get the most out of your robe.

What We Like

  • Lightweight cotton material
  • Many colors and prints
  • Many sizes
  • Affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Thinner fabric is not warm in the winter
  • Can collect lint when washed
  • Questionable durability when washed in the machine


The most significant variations in the Maxmoda Kimono bathrobe are in the extensive range of colors and sizes. You can also find similar variation in shorter Maxmoda robes that fall just above the knees.


This comfortable robe is ideal for women who have lounging in mind. With many exciting colors and prints to explore, now is a wonderful time to get familiar with the options.

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