What Is Turkish Terry Cloth: Is It the Best Material for Bathrobes?

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If you’ve been hunting around the stores for that perfect bathrobe, then you may well be feeling pretty overwhelmed by the choice and quality that is on offer. Not only are you faced with decisions to choose what length, style, and thickness, but you also have so much choice when it comes to fabrics.

For example, what is a terry cloth bathrobe? Why does it matter if it’s Turkish or Egyptian cotton? And, what’s the difference between cotton terry and cotton waffle?

You’re not alone in feeling confused! That being said, we will answer those questions and more to help you make the right decision when you are finding the best bathrobe for you.

Why Choose a Bathrobe Made of Cotton

Why Choose a Bathrobe Made of Cotton?

While there are many uses for a bathrobe, it’s probably safe to assume that you will want to wear your bathrobe after you get out of the bath or shower (hence, the name, right?). Cotton is currently the world’s most popular choice of materials when it comes to textile manufacturing, and one of its many sought-after qualities include its extraordinary ability to absorb water.

The absorbency level of cotton is the number one reason why most towels are made out of it, and the fact that it’s super soft makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Whether you’re lounging around the house and need an extra layer over your pajamas, or whether you want to skip the toweling process altogether when exiting the shower, bathrobes are a must-have item for the majority of people.

Types of Cotton Weave

1. Cotton Terry

Terry fabric is a thick material made from loops of cotton to increase the plushness and absorbency of the material. Cotton terry is very soft and super absorbent, making it the most popular choice for bath towels and bathrobes. Bathrobes made out of this material are great for covering up for extra warmth, for modesty reasons, as well as being perfect for using straight after a shower or bath.

2. Cotton Waffle

A cheaper alternative to terry fabric, waffle fabric is named after the distinctive square or diamond patterns found on the material. Cotton waffle is thinner due to the lack of loops but is still great for absorbing water in summer months. However, cotton waffle bathrobes may have a shorter lifespan, especially if the material isn’t pre-treated, as they are prone to shrinking.

Types of Cotton

To further understand what is Turkish terry cloth, we’ll also look at the main differences between the somewhat related Egyptian and Turkish cotton.

1. Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is super absorbent, making it the most popular choice for bed sheets, clothing, and towels. Egyptian cotton will not only absorb moisture the fastest but also retain the moisture and warmth that comes with it, the longest.

A bathrobe made from Egyptian cotton will be perfect if you want to use your bathrobe in place of a towel. Do note though that, like a wet towel, you won’t want to wear it for long as it will retain the moisture for a long time.

You will also need to find a suitable place for it to dry out adequately such as on a clothesline, as hanging it up on the back of your bathroom door may result in it smelling stale or musty after a short while. In a humid climate, a towel or bathrobe made from plush Egyptian cotton may never dry completely and may even get wet by itself by absorbing moisture from the air.

Best Bathrobes

2. Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is also a premium, soft, and highly absorbent material but slightly less absorbent than its sister, Egyptian cotton. What does this mean for towels and bathrobes made out of this material? Well, it won’t suck the moisture off you quite as fast, but it will dry quickly.

Travel towels, as well as towels you use for the beach and gym, are better off being made from Turkish cotton due to the speed at which they dry out. Turkish cotton is also a slightly hard type of cotton that actually becomes softer and more absorbent over time (and washes).

Turkish Terry Cloth Bathrobes

Now you know the differences between your premium cotton as well as the more popular weaves of cotton available, you should be able to interpret most bathrobe labels in the future, including knowing exactly what is Turkish terry cloth!

As a perfect material for a plush, soft, and cozy bathrobe, Turkish terry cloth continues to gain popularity because of its fast drying abilities. If you like to wear your bathrobe around the house for extended periods and don’t want to be sitting in a wet bathrobe, then Turkish terry cloth could be what you are looking for. Similarly, if you have any problems with dampness in your bathroom or home, then a Turkish terry cloth bathrobe will be the perfect solution for you.

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