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Bathrobes have various purposes, such as wrapping up after a relaxing bath and wearing them as a wardrobe while walking around the beach. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, designs, and colors, making them appealing to just about anyone.

From an average hotel robe to Bohemian print robe, and cotton robe to real silk robes, you’ll find one that matches your wants and needs.

However, silk robes are a popular choice because they exemplify sophistication, style, and cozy feeling. Let’s explore the different subjects associated with silk robes.

Silk Bathrobe Benefits

Silk robes have available sizes and styles for all genders. Usually, they are worn for relaxation, but silky robes can also be supplemental clothing to lingerie.

They are preferred when it comes to style and luxury. However, they are more than just looks because your body will enjoy wearing this fabulous robe.

Made for Comfort

Silk bathrobes have a soft, friendly texture that helps you feel refreshed whenever you wear them. The fabric’s smooth properties will significantly enhance your relaxation after a good, warm bath or during your spa treatments. 

Silk, by nature, also absorbs and emits sweat faster than other fabrics, allowing less moisture to cling to the skin. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for regulating body temperature and ensuring a comfortable sleep.


Silk bathrobes are hypoallergenic because the sericin in the fabric serves as a repellent for mold, dust mites, and other types of allergen. They are highly recommended for people with sensitive skin due to the lack of irritants, which makes them among the top wardrobes for skincare. As a result, silk robes are wearable by almost anyone.

Silk can also help slow the proliferation of wrinkles and fine lines. The fabric’s cellular albumen aids in skin cell metabolism, which allows faster cell replenishment.

Younger-looking skin is more achievable if you regularly wear silk bathrobes and use silk pillowcases during sleep.

Silk Bathrobe Buyer’s Guide

Silk bathrobes are not the most inexpensive piece of clothing, so it is essential to understand their styles, colors, and sizes. Purchasing such an item may be a bit complicated due to several factors to consider.

Let’s look at some of the most important features of silk bathrobes to help you choose the best one for yourself or someone else.


These robes are available in several lengths, namely:

  • Full-Length

A full-length bathrobe reaches the wearer’s ankle, which can provide the best coverage for the body while delivering warmth. It is highly regarded by many because it provides excellent moisture absorption, helping you dry faster.

With their size, full-length bathrobes can work as silk pajamas during colder seasons. A full-length black robe like the Natori Shangri La is a top-selling silk robe.

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  • Knee-Length

While a full-length is the best option in terms of functionality, a knee-length silk robe is more about style. If you want to reveal a bit more skin but still have decent coverage, you may consider getting this type. It’s common for those who like going to the spa to pick a knee-length bathrobe.

An embroidered robe such as this lovely robe from AW Bridal is an excellent choice for this length.

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  • Thigh-Length

Women often use thigh-length silk bathrobes because of their style and functionality. These are primarily used as supplemental clothing for lingerie, making them a staple in women’s indoor fashion.

Consider a floral-print silk short robe like this Ditsoneo dress if you prefer to buy a bathrobe that only extends down to your thighs.

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Some silk bathrobe styles that you can opt for are:

  • Standard

Standard or classic bathrobes have a belt, ties, and side pockets with a shawl collar. Silk bathrobes made with this style are arguably the most popular variety because they blend sophistication and purpose.

  • Hooded

Bathrobes with hoods are a popular style for those who prefer extra warmth. They aren’t the most stylish, but they provide adequate coverage for your head and hair. They’re perfect for daily use at home when you wake up during a cold morning or while clearing snow in your yard.

  • Kimono

Named after the traditional Japanese women’s dress, Kimono-style bathrobes are the most versatile. In addition to being bathrobes, they can be a spa robe, a special bridal option, or a dressing gown.

While they largely resemble a traditional silk robe, a Kimono silk robe doesn’t have a shawl collar. Some models feature a hood and side pockets, so, in a way, Kimono bathrobes combine the key qualities of other robes.


For thickness, it’s all about what you intend to use the silk bathrobe for.

Opt for a lightweight robe if you’re looking for more ventilation and comfort. On the other hand, choose a thick bathrobe if you prefer better absorbency, warmth, and durability.


Silk will slide off the shoulders easily due to its smoothness, so it’s essential not to choose an oversized robe. Similarly, don’t purchase one that’s too small because it will affect your movement and comfort.

When ordering online, consider having a difference of about three to five inches from your measurements. These extra inches ensure that the silk bathrobe won’t slide off easily while delivering ample comfort and movement.

Silk Bathrobes Maintenance

Proper washing and maintenance of your silk bathrobe are essential to keep its exquisite qualities visible for a long time.

The Care Label

The label usually indicates the washing instructions, like the water temperature and washing method. If the label states dry clean only, it’s best to take the robe to a silk-friendly dry cleaner. Otherwise, you may do it yourself with your washing machine at home. If it’s not a machine-washable silk robe, always handwash it with care.

Frequency of Washing

Unless it has stains or smells funny, your silk bathrobe doesn’t require immediate washing. You can use it a couple of times before cleaning, which helps preserve the fresh looks of the robe.

That said, avoid staining your robe because the material is not as resilient as other fabrics.

Other Considerations

Silk bathrobes could last a long time provided you don’t expose them to direct sunlight and other natural environmental elements. Also, some cleaning agents could damage the material. Always consider mild detergent products.

Investing in a Good Silk Bathrobe

A silk bathrobe on your clothing arsenal elevates your style while providing essential qualities. Whether you choose a cute mint robe or a robe with feather, you can enjoy the luxury of silk robes. While it can be pricey, its versatility and various benefits make a silk bathrobe a worthy investment.

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